FBI Bomb Data Center Career Information

Bombs and other incendiary devices pose a constant risk to national security and the safety of the American people. Because explosive devices and threats are so wide ranging, collecting data about these incidents is integral in preventing future occurrences. To collect data about incidents related to explosives and arson, the Bomb Data Center was mandated by Congress in 1996.

The Bomb Data Center is a joint venture of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), the United States Fire Administration and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). By using the intelligence collected at the Bomb Data Center, the FBI works to combat incidents involving explosives, arson and WMDs and to improve national security.

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Mission of the Bomb Data Center

The primary responsibility of the Bomb Data Center job is to provide a focal point for all intelligence related to incidences of arson and the use of explosive devices. The Bomb Data Center provides up to date statistics of these incidence by utilizing information collected by the FBI, ATF and other sources.

Another responsibility of the Bomb Data Center is to aid in arson and explosive criminal investigations. The database maintained by the Bomb Data Center can be used by law enforcement organizations to help solve bomb or arson based crimes and to prevent further incidents from occurring.

The Bomb Data Center also works to facilitate communication between organizations investigate arson and explosive cases and helps these organizations recognize trends and patterns of these crimes. Finally, the Bomb Data Center aids arson and explosive investigators to identify bomb materials and arson methods.
FBI Bomb Data Center

What You Will Do in the Bomb Data Center

Because the Bomb Data Center is first and foremost an intelligence gathering organization, your main duty when working in the Bomb Data Center will be to collect information related to explosives and arson. However, professionals working in the Bomb Data Center are responsible for a wide variety of tasks that you should know before seeking entrance into this career.

Bomb Data Center employees must provide FBI bomb technicians the most recent technical information about explosive devices and how to disarm them safely. Those working in the Bomb Data Center must also be able to enter data into the Law Enforcement Online project and should be able to effectively communicate with state and local level law enforcement agencies.

Additional job duties you can expect when working in the Bomb Data Center include facilitating response to arson and explosive incidents, staying abreast of the latest information related to explosives and quickly disseminating vital information to the government and public.

Bomb Data Center Pay

The staff of the Bomb Data Center are government employees, which means their salary is based on the General Schedule (GS) salary scale. The minimum pay level for someone working in the Bomb Data Center is GS-10. However, because of the advanced knowledge required to work in the Bomb Data Center, it is possible to reach the GS-15 pay level. Additionally, payment levels can be adjusted between 12.5% and 28.7% to account for cost of living.

Seek a career in the Bomb Data Center and you’ll be able to help law enforcement agencies across the country to prevent arson and the use of explosive devices, improving public safety and national security.