FBI Enhanced SWAT Career Information

There are 56 FBI field offices across the country, and every one of these offices maintains a Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team. However, for the toughest situations imaginable, the FBI also possesses Enhanced SWAT teams.

Enhanced SWAT teams are law enforcement professionals who have received the most extensive training imaginable. Members of Enhanced SWAT teams are recruited from both the military and the police, and each team can have as many as forty-two members. If you’re interested in pursuing a career as a member of an Enhanced SWAT team, it’s important that you learn about some of the skills that you will need and the duties of this law enforcement job.

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Enhanced SWAT vs. SWAT

On a day to day basis, member of an Enhanced SWAT team will have the same job responsibilities as a normal SWAT member. The difference between the two are in terms of resources and the jobs they will handle. Because Enhanced SWAT teams have more members than standard SWAT teams, they are able to take on larger threats more readily. For example, Enhanced SWAT teams regularly assists in hostage rescue assignments.

Members of Enhanced SWAT teams have skills in multiple areas. Some of these skills include being able to breach and assault buildings, medical technician skills and ability as a sniper. Only the elite of the elite will be able to join an Enhanced SWAT team.
FBI Enhanced SWAT

FBI Enhanced SWAT Training

It is extremely difficult to become a member of an Enhanced SWAT team. These positions are highly sought and competition is fierce. Because of this, potential Enhanced SWAT members are required to complete advanced training before they will be eligible to join a team.

When seeking a position on an Enhanced SWAT team, you will be required to complete two-week process where you must demonstrate your abilities to perform typical Enhanced SWAT tasks, including marksmanship, situational awareness, decision making, leadership and physical fitness. If you successfully pass the required tests, you may be able to become an Enhanced SWAT team member.

Enhanced SWAT Job Duties

Enhanced SWAT teams are responsible for some of the most high-intensity law enforcement tasks that exist. For example, Enhanced SWAT teams routinely engage in hostage rescue operations, which often requires carrying out assaults on a wide range of structures.

As a member of an Enhanced SWAT team, you may also be required to pursue fugitives, disrupt terrorist organizations, collect intelligence have the ability to travel around the world wherever you are needed. Working as an Enhanced SWAT team member requires tremendous dedication, as well as a great deal of mental and physical stamina.

Enhanced SWAT Salaries

While Enhanced SWAT team members receive advanced training and must complete high-intensity missions, the FBI categorizes them the same as regular SWAT members for salary purposes. If you become employed as an Enhanced SWAT professional, you can expect an entry level salary between $61,000 and $92,000. Individual salaries will largely be based on where you are employed, your experience and what duties you are responsible for.

Become an Enhanced SWAT team member and you’ll be in one of the most competitive, rewarding law enforcement careers that there is.