How to Become an FBI Agent in Nebraska

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is a federal law enforcement agencies responsible for addressing the toughest crimes that occur. From terror attacks to cyber crime, the FBI handles a wide range of offenses, and is the perfect opportunity for anyone searching for an exciting, challenging career.

To make sure its agents are of the highest quality, the FBI has many requirements its applicants must meet before they can become agents.

FBI Agent Requirements in Nebraska

Basic Requirements

  • Certification: Earning a certification of any type is not required for FBI agents.
  • Age: An FBI agent applicant should be at least 23 but not older than 37. However, if you are 37, you need to have received an appointment prior to reaching 37 years old..
  • Licensure: Licenses are not necessary for FBI agents.
  • Degree: A bachelor’s degree in any discipline from a valid, accredited educational istitute will complete the minimum education requirement for FBI agents.
  • Experience: At least three years of professional work experience must be completed before applying with the FBI. Work experience need not be completed if you have earned an advanced degree, a Juris Doctorate or are a CPA.
  • Citizenship: US citizens are the only people allowed to become FBI agents.

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Additional Requirements

  • Flexibility: FBI agents must have the flexibility necessary to move to wherever they are assigned by the Bureau.
  • Background: The FBI only wants applicants of good character, which is why all applicants must submit to an exhaustive background check.
  • Fitness: FBI agents must be at peak fitness and should be able to prove this by passing a physical fitness test.

FBI Training Nebraska

Application Process in Nebraska

  • Application: Aspiring FBI agents should expect to spend up to a year completing the steps of the application process, which include two exams and two interviews. In addition, once you’ve finished the exam and interview process, you will undergo basic training. Candidates who complete field training will be designated as probationary FBI agents for a period of eighteen months.

Nebraska FBI Agent Education

The FBI wants to be certain that its agents come from a variety of backgrounds, which is why it does not require applicants to have a degree in any specific discipline. However, there are certain degrees that the FBI prioritizes. These degrees include law, foreign languages, engineering and science. Also, candidates with military or law enforcement experience often make strong FBI agents.

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Major Cities in Nebraska

  • Omaha is the largest Nebraska city with 434,353 residents.
  • Lincoln is the second largest community with a population of 268,738.
  • In Grand Island, there are 50,550 residents, making it the third largest Nebraska city.

What Does a FBI Agent Do in Nebraska?

  • An FBI agent will work to investigate some of the country’s most serious crimes, including violent offenses, cybercrimes and white collar crimes.
  • The FBI is also the organization most responsible for preventing serious terror attacks.
  • During the course of an investigation, it is also common for FBI agents to work with local officers and law enforcement agencies.

Related Careers

Almost every area of law enforcement is similar to working as an FBI agent. Both law enforcement officers and FBI agents investigate a wide range of crimes and bring those responsible to justice. Private detectives, depending on their cases, may also be responsible for similar tasks as FBI agents.

Employment Numbers in Nebraska

There is no data available related to employment numbers of FBI agents. If you are an FBI agent assigned to Nebraska, you will work in the Omaha field office, which was founded during the first decade of the Bureau’s existence.

Nebraska FBI Agent Salary

Like many other government employees, salaries for an FBI agent are determined using the GS, or General Schedule, pay scale. FBI agents are paid using the law enforcement scale, and begin as GS-10s. However, the average agent will work up to GS-13 over the course of their career. The GS-10 Step 1 salary for law enforcement officers is $49,218.

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Choose your area of study and receive free information about programs you are interested in. FBI agents are dedicated to America’s defense and security. There are a number of careers you can pursue within the FBI with current activities focusing heavily on anit-terrorism. No matter which career you pursue becoming an FBI agent requires deep commitment and dedication. Request information from multiple schools to find the best program and educational opportunity for you!