How to Become an FBI Agent in Ohio

Working for the FBI is both a challenging and rewarding experience. Those who join the FBI as either employees or special agents are instrumental in protecting and upholding federal laws. The federal bureau of investigation jobs requires skills from a wide range of field and candidates who meet the FBI agent’s requirement must all work together for the collective purpose of protecting the citizens and strengthening national security. Jobs with the FBI in Ohio involve enforcing the law in over 200 categories. The bureau has two field offices located in the state,  in Cleveland and Cincinnati.

FBI Agent Requirements in Ohio

Basic Requirements

Any individual who wishes to become a federal agent in Ohio must meet some basic FBI requirements;

  • Must be a citizen of the United States.
  • Must have at least a bachelor’s degree.
  • Must have a minimum of three years’ professional experience.
  • Must be between the ages 23-36 at the time of application.
  • He or she must be willing to go anywhere.

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FBI Training Ohio

Additional Requirements

As part of the enrollment process, candidates who are interested in working for the FBI are given a personality test based on situational judgment and logical reasoning. These two parts assess the prospective agents and determine their suitability for the bureau.

Before been approved for further FBI training, candidates are individually put through a background screening to ensure that they have clean records.

Different Positions With The FBI

Each of the field offices in Ohio has different units that handle the affairs of the state.

FBI Counter Intelligence Strategic Partnership Program – Located in the Cleveland field office, this unit helps to foster the relationship between government agencies, the private sector, and the FBI itself.

Cleveland Terrorism Task Force – Focuses on reviewing threats and investigating terrorism on international and domestic scales. This unit handles all counterterrorism jobs in the state.

Cleveland Hate Crimes and Civil Rights Working Group – Focuses on recognizing hate crimes and violation of civil rights by promoting community involvement.

Violent crimes task force in Cincinnati – This unit works to thwart the activities of street gangs involved in violent crimes, weapons, and illegal drugs.

Cybercrime Task Force – This unit is involved solely in fighting cyber-crimes and state fraud, this is the base for an intelligence analyst job in Ohio.

Health Care Working Group – Help to identify and prosecute individuals attempting to defraud the health care system.

Mortgage Fraud Task Force – Focuses on combating mortgage fraud activities

Ohio FBI Agent Education

Bachelors of Science in Criminology – The agency offers internships to undergraduates who are looking forward to an FBI career in the nearest future. However, FBI agents must have a bachelor’s degree or higher in a relevant field. A degree in criminology provides prospective agents with the right tools to fit into the bureau.

Masters of Science in Criminology – Candidates with a Master’s degree in Criminology require less working experience to join the FBI.

Degree For FBI Support Specialists – Not all agents must possess a criminology degree, for example, FBI special agents with the behavioral analyst unit (bau FBI) may possess a degree in psychology, political science, math or criminal justice. Other positions like paralegals, forensic job, financial analysts, intelligence analyst job or even a criminal profiler job will require degrees I law, finance/accounting and computers science.

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Major Cities In Ohio

There are five major cities the state of Ohio;

  • Columbus
  • Cleveland
  • Cincinnati
  • Akron
  • Dayton

However, the FBI has two field offices located in Cincinnati and Cleveland, and eight satellite offices in the area.

Specific Duties Of FBI Agents

FBI agents in Ohio are divided into several fields in which they concentrate and contribute their best efforts.

  • They protect the U.S from terrorism
  • Fighting violent crimes
  • Protecting the country from cyber fraud
  • Combating white-collar crime
  • orking to protect the civil rights of Americans.

Employment Numbers

As of 2009, the Ohio FBI hired more than 2000 workers into the bureau, 850 of which were special agents. With the recent criteria and processes involved, the workforce has become much younger. In total, the FBI employs over 31,000 people in its 450 field offices located all over the country along with its 60 international offices.

Interesting Facts

The FBI in Ohio takes the task force against terrorism very seriously, after the 9/11 attack, the Cincinnati field office started giving its anti-terrorism division a high priority and strengthened its joint task force teams. As a part of its attempt to protect the civil rights of citizens, Cleveland agents have continuously investigated the popular hate crime group – Ku Klux Klan for several years. Aside from its anti-terrorism activity, the agency is strongly involved in combating public corruption as in 2013, special agents from the Cincinnati field office investigated a CEO for mortgage loan and tax fraud.

Ohio FBI Agent Salary

FBI agents are paid based on the qualification and years of working with the bureau. Employees typically earn between $63,000 and $69,000 while special agents earn around $89,930 annually. This greatly depends on the GS pay scale. However, agents in the Cleveland and Cincinnati areas are given adjustments of 18.68 and 18.55% respectively. In general, agents are assigned a GS 10 salary at entry-level, but promotions are quite regular up to GS 13, and with promotions come a bump in salary and work benefits.

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Choose your area of study and receive free information about programs you are interested in. FBI agents are dedicated to America’s defense and security. There are a number of careers you can pursue within the FBI with current activities focusing heavily on anit-terrorism. No matter which career you pursue becoming an FBI agent requires deep commitment and dedication. Request information from multiple schools to find the best program and educational opportunity for you!