How to Become an FBI Agent in Idaho

On average, there are 32,426 crimes committed a year in Idaho. While this may not stack up to other states, it is still a problem that demands a solution. Many Idaho citizens looking to make their communities safe will decide to work on a larger scale by becoming a Federal Bureau of Investigation agent.

FBI agents work to fight crime throughout the country and across the world, making it one of the most important professions you could pursue. Your first step on the journey to working for the FBI is learning about the many requirements for becoming an agent.

FBI Agent Requirements in Idaho

Basic Requirements

  • Certification: The FBI does not maintain certification requirements for its agents.
  • Age: Those eligible to become FBI agents will be between the ages of 23 and 37. Appointment cannot occur after your 37th birthday.
  • Licensure: You will not need a professional license to work as an FBI agent.
  • Degree: Before applying with the FBI, you need to have completed a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution.
  • Experience: FBI agents must have three years of professional work experience prior to applying with the Bureau.
  • Citizenship: You can only work as an FBI agent if you are a United States citizen.

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Additional Requirements

  • Flexibility: The FBI often requires its agents to relocate at a moment’s notice, which you must be prepared for when entering this career.
  • Background: All FBI agents are required to undergo a personal and professional background check.
  • Fitness: Physical fitness is also a requirement to be an FBI agent. You must participate in and pass a physical fitness exam before your application will be approved.

FBI Training Idaho

Application Process in Idaho

  • Application: It takes a great deal of time and effort to become an FBI agent, with the usual time frame being a year. During the application process, you will participate in both an informal and structured interview and two exams, one of which will be writing based. If your application progresses, you will receive basic field training and then will graduate, after which you will serve a probationary period of 18 months.

Idaho FBI Agent Education

Citizens from a wide range of backgrounds can apply to become an FBI agent. As long as your degree is at the bachelor’s level and was earned at an accredited university, you are eligible to become an FBI agent. FBI agents can have degrees in such areas as law, engineering, STEM, accounting and foreign languages. Many FBI agents also have law enforcement or military backgrounds.

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Major Cities in Idaho

  • Boise is the most populous Idaho city with 214,237 residents.
  • Nampa is the second largest city in this state with a population of 86,518.
  • The population of Meridian is 83,596.

What Does an FBI Agent Do in Idaho?

  • FBI agents are primarily focused with combatting terrorism inside the country and overseas.
  • The FBI is also a law enforcement agency, and focuses on cyber crime, violent crime, apprehending dangerous offenders, white collar crime and public corruption.
  • Because the FBI maintains field offices in every state, they will often work directly with local law enforcement agencies.

Related Careers

If you’re interested in a career that is similar to employment with the FBI, you would usually become involved in law enforcement in some capacity. In addition, because investigation is a major responsibility of an FBI agent, private detectives and investigators are considered to be similar professions.

FBI Agent Employment Numbers in Idaho

While the Bureau of Labor Statistics gathers employment numbers for other law enforcement professions, they do not provide data for FBI agents. The FBI does not maintain a field office in Idaho. Instead, this state is covered by the office in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Idaho FBI Agent Salary

The General Schedule (GS) pay scale for law enforcement officers is also used to determine the salary for an FBI agent. All FBI agents will start at the GS-10 level, but can rise as high as GS-13 during their career. For Idaho FBI agents, the starting base pay can be $49,218.

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Choose your area of study and receive free information about programs you are interested in. FBI agents are dedicated to America’s defense and security. There are a number of careers you can pursue within the FBI with current activities focusing heavily on anit-terrorism. No matter which career you pursue becoming an FBI agent requires deep commitment and dedication. Request information from multiple schools to find the best program and educational opportunity for you!