FBI Tactical Mobility Team Career Information

join fbi mobility teamWhen you join the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), there are many different areas that you could choose to specialize in. Those who seek specialization in FBI field operations should consider becoming a member of the Tactical Mobility Team.

Where the Tactical Aviation Unit provides support to FBI agents from the air, the Tactical Mobility Unit provides support from the ground, often transporting members of SWAT or the Hostage Rescue Team to their important operation. Here is some information about the advanced training required of the Tactical Mobility Team and a description of some of the main duties of this career with the FBI.

Tactical Mobility Team Training

As a member of the Tactical Mobility Team, you will be responsible for driving a wide range of vehicles, some of them specially outfitted for field operations. Because of this, every person who is pursuing a position with the Team has to complete advanced driving training to make sure they can handle the vehicles required for the job.

Anyone seeking to become a member of the Tactical Mobility Team will first have to become a FBI Special Agent, which means meeting general employment process and completing an intricate application process. Once you have achieved your Special Agent status, you can take part in the Law Enforcement Training for Safety and Survival (LETSS) program, which will teach you the skills necessary to work in the Tactical Mobility Team.

While participating in the LETSS initiative, you will learn several driving skills that will allow you to operate vehicles in high-intensity situations. Some of the topics included in LETSS include downshifting, accident avoidance, skid control, counter ambush tactics and much more. There will also be a component that covers driving during high-risk missions, convoy driving and off-road vehicle operation.

Tactical Mobility Team Job Description

After completing LETSS training and becoming a member of the Tactical Mobility Team, you will be responsible for a variety of jobs related to transporting FBI personnel. During an operation, for example, you must keep track of the location of all vehicles in use as well as agents in the field. You will also be responsible for maintaining vehicles in the Tactical Mobility Team fleet and may need to modify them for specific operations.

When you are in the field on an operation, you will engage in surveillance while stationary and on the move, participate in high-speed pursuits that end in the successful arrest of subjects and will be required to detect and prevent attacks on FBI vehicles. As you can see, working for the Tactical Mobility Team is a demanding job that requires a great deal of dedication and ability if you choose this career path.

Career Salaries for Tactical Mobility Team Members

All members of the Tactical Mobility Team will be FBI Special Agents, which means their salary will be calculated on the General Schedule (GS) scale, and will start at GS-10. If you consistently work in the field, you can be promoted as high as GS-13. Tactical Mobility Team Members who work with a Hostage Rescue Team can be graded GS-14 or GS-15 as they are automatically considered supervisors.

Join a Tactical Mobility Team and help transport FBI Agents wherever they need to go and provide them support in the field.