FBI Terrorist Explosive Device Analytical Center Career Information

TEDAC, or the Terrorist Explosive Device Analytical Center, is an organization within the FBI with interagency authority whose purpose it is to recover, receive, exploit and analyze IEDs (improvised explosive devices) used (or intended for use) by terrorists against U.S. interests. The entire government, from military to intelligence gathering services to local law enforcement coordinates their efforts through TEDAC when it comes to these devices.

Since the agency’s founding in 2003, there have been tens of thousands of devices submitted, many of which were from Iraq and Afghanistan. Learn about the importance of the Terrorist Explosive Device Analytical Center, and the work it does to help keep the United States safe from terror activities.

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The Structure of TEDAC

As TEDAC is under the jurisdiction of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the director of the center is from the Bureau. The deputy director is from the BATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives). The executive manager from the DOD is a member of the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization (JIEDDO).

There are five other units which deal with various aspects of investigations, intelligence, forensics, and technical exploitation of devices. The center is based out of Redstone Arsenal, which is located in Huntsville, AL.
FBI Terrorist Explosive Device Analytical Center

Terrorist Explosive Device Analytical Center Mission

TEDAC’s mission is to work towards the eradication of the threat presented by IEDs. It breaks down and analyzes submitted devices and informs partner organizations who then work to disrupt the sources of these devices, those who are responsible for building, designing, developing, and otherwise providing elements for or creating IEDs.

The TEDAC’s job is to engage in scientific exploitation, information related to tactics and device operations, response times, prediction of where, how and what kinds of IEDs might crop up in various circumstances and locations, as well as creating a centralized resource for information related to IEDs which has been collected through partnerships with a wide network of counterterrorism agencies.

What Does TEDAC Do?

TEDAC is exceptionally focused in scope compared to other, broader agencies within the U.S. government to help prevent and lessen the threat of IED attacks by studying all aspects of the devices and tactics used to create and implement these devices. It creates and maintains a vast database of scientific and technical information about these devices, working with interagency partners across the entire government as a single point of contact.

For counterterrorism to be effective, agencies require the best information in a timely fashion, and TEDAC’s resources can help not only to predict the use of IEDs, but can connect multiple devices back to the same source, as well as helping to coordinate local, state and federal agency efforts across the board.

If you’re interested in the science and engineering behind counterterrorism activities, working for TEDAC might be your best bet for an outstanding career. The first step, of course, is to start your career in the FBI, build experience and knowledge, and go from there. Check out the requirements to start on the path to this thrilling and fulfilling job today.